What Is A Solvent

- May 18, 2018-

A solvent is a liquid (gas, or solid) that dissolves solids, liquids, or gaseous solutes (solvents, solutes can be solids, liquids, gases), and then a solution. The most common solvent in daily life is water. 

The so-called organic solvents are organic compounds that contain carbon atoms. Solvents usually have a lower boiling point and are prone to volatilization. Or it can be removed by distillation, leaving the dissolved material behind. Therefore, solvents may not produce chemical reactions to the solute. They must be inert. Solvents can be extracted from the mixture of soluble compounds, the most common example is the use of hot water brewing coffee or tea. Solvents are usually transparent, colorless liquids, and most of them have a unique odor.