Selection Of Solvents

- May 18, 2018-

It is very important to choose suitable solvents, such as dissolution ability, volatilization speed, safety, economy, source and storage stability. A good solvent must have good solubility, which can be judged by the solubility parameter and the hydrogen bond index.

The drying speed of adhesives is directly related to the volatilization rate of solvents, solvent-type adhesives should be all volatile solvents, the general hope that the adhesive dry quickly, this is to choose a lower boiling point solvent. Organic solvents are mostly easy to burn, when the solvent vapor reaches a certain concentration in the air, explosion will occur, must pay attention to the safety of solvents. Most organic solvents have certain toxicity, endanger human health, pollute the ecological environment, should arouse enough attention. Solvent in the solvent-type adhesives accounted for a large proportion, so we must consider the cost, should try to first use cheap and easy to get solvent.