Market Trending Of Ethanol

- Aug 21, 2020-

Market trending of Ethanol    Aug 20, 2020


This week, the domestic ethanol market tends to be weak. The price of raw corn in the Northeast market is basically stable. With the reopen of devices one after another, the supply has been slowly increasing. The north region is mainly stable because the demand is weak. The factories are still executing the pre-orders, the inventory pressure is low. This week is still mainly wait-and-see; Due to the weak situation of supply and demand in the south region remains, downstream procurement is relatively weak, and regional installations are operating at a low level, inventory pressure is not great, the industry maintains a wait-and-see mentality.

Looking at the market outlook, raw material price is expected to weaken, and with the shutdown of the main production areas, the weak market supply and demand situation may improve. However, it is difficult to find good large demand, and holders are cautious. It is expected that the domestic ethanol market is still expected to stable next week.