Introduction To Organic Solvents

- May 18, 2018-

Organic solvents are one of the most widely used organic compounds in life and production, the molecular weight is small, liquid at room temperature.

Organic solvents include many kinds of substances, such as alkanes, olefins, alcohols, aldehydes, amines, esters, ethers, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogenated hydrocarbons, terpene olefins, halogenated hydrocarbons, heterocyclic compounds, nitrogen and sulfur compounds, and so on, most of the human body has a certain toxicity. It is found in paints, adhesives, paints and detergents.

Regular use of organic solvents, such as styrene, perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene, ethylene glycol ether and triethanolamine. Organic solvents are dissolved in a number of insoluble substances (such as grease, wax, resin, rubber, dyes, etc.) of a class of organic compounds, characterized by at ambient temperature and pressure under the liquid, has a greater volatility, in the dissolution process, the nature of the solute and solvents have no change.