Coronavirus Pandemic Supporting US IPA Prices

- Jun 10, 2020-

Coronavirus pandemic supporting US IPA prices 

The coronavirus has led to strong demand for hand sanitiser as consumers around the world search for every resource available to combat the pandemic.

As isopropanol (IPA) is a key ingredient in hand sanitiser, prices have soared. The US, in particular, has seen a rapid rise in IPA prices as US coronavirus cases continue to increase.


Asia’s import acetone bullish on tight supply, derivative demand varies. The increased acetone consumption MMA segment helped to cushion fellow derivative isopropanol (IPA)’s fall in demand. IPA demand rose exponentially when the coronavirus broke out. 

International prices updated:

FOB US Gulf: 3514-3536 US dollars/ton, up 110 US dollars/ton from last week; 

DER: 3574-3596 US dollars/ton, up 110 US dollars/ton from last week.

FOB Rotterdam: 2010-2014 US dollars/ton, down 623 dollars/ton from last week; 

Northwest Europe: 1898-1902 euros/ton, down 600 euros/ton from last week.