Anhydrous Ethanol Rising And Uptrend Firmly

- May 09, 2020-

Anhydrous ethanol rising and uptrend firmly


In late April, the domestic ethanol market is rising firmly. It is a fact that prices rose frequently last weekend. Market Prices in Henan have increased many times. The supply shortage signal has become prominent. At the beginning of this week, market demands are still firm and bullish.


In southern China:

Due to the spread of epidemic in foreign, ethanol inquiries have increased since the end of the last quarter, and stocks of anhydrous ethanol have declined rapidly. At the same time, the price of Isopropyl alcohol used for disinfection has also increased sharply. The production of two main downstream devices in Shandong has recently resumed, and some devices in East China have restarted. Market demand has increased slightly, and 95% alcohol has followed the rise trend.


In northern China:

The corn purchase price remained strong, the cost pressure of factories was heavy. Market demand for anhydrous ethanol improved, and offers continued to rise.


From the perspective of the future market, the market demand on anhydrous ethanol is the mainstream. With the support of the anhydrous ethanol, 95% alcohol is expected to stabilize or improve.