Acrylic Acid And Esters: Prices Pushed Up

- Sep 11, 2020-

Acrylic acid and esters: prices pushed up      Sept 10, 2020


Judging from the acrylic acid and esters industry chain market in China, the acrylic acid and butyl ester market has been operating in a narrow range in the past two months. While the upstream raw materials propylene and butanol remained strong, the price of propylene imported continued to run at a high level with limited supplement. And Butanol continued to push up, which has more obvious increase from the end of July.

In September, the acrylic acid and esters market made a breakthrough and the market was promoted.

Recently, the pressure of low price of acrylic acid and butyl ester is relatively high, especially butyl ester obviously. However, the two major raw materials continue to be high and provide good support on the cost side. Under the effect of cost, the factory would like to support the market prices.

In September, the maintenance of some major factories was concentrated, and the market supply is expected to decrease. The factory's willing to rise the price, and the price of negotiations has been increased. With the arrival of the traditional peak season of Gold, the demand of acrylic acid esters used in textiles, construction and emulsions are expected to increase. In addition, market activity is expected to increase under the influence of the downstream stocking during the National holidays.