Treat food additive correctly

- May 18, 2018-

(1) The role of food additives

Rational use of food additives can prevent spoilage of food, maintain or enhance food nutrition, improve or enrich the color of food, incense, taste and so on.

(2) The necessity of using food additive In fact, there is a greater risk of not using preservatives, because spoiled foods tend to cause food poisoning.

In addition, preservatives in addition to prevent food spoilage, but also can kill aspergillus bacteria and other production of toxic microorganisms, this is undoubtedly beneficial to human health.

(3) The safe dosage of food additive

The dosage of food additive that has no toxicity or adverse effect on health is indicated by the quality of daily intake per kilogram (mg), which is referred to

GB 2760-2011 Food Safety National standard food additive use standards.

(4) No use of toxic additives

"Hanging white block" is formaldehyde sodium bisulfite, also known as hanging white powder, chemical formula for NAHSO2 CH2O 2H2O. From the zinc powder and sulfur dioxide reaction to produce low sulfite, and then with the role of formaldehyde, in the vacuum evaporator condensed, condensed into a block and made. "Hanging white block" is a white lump or crystalline powder, dissolved in water. At room temperature is more stable, at high temperature can be decomposed sulfite, there is strong reduction, and thus has the role of bleaching.