The relationship between chemical structure and properties of surfactants

- May 18, 2018-

1. The relationship between the closeness balance and the performance H. L.   

B Value: The hydrophilic hydrophobic properties of surfactants (Hydrophile-lipophile Balance) surfactants must have a certain balance between hydrophobic base and hydrophilic base to present specific interfacial activity.

The HLB value of =0 (anhydrous) polyethylene glycol HLB value =20 (completely hydrophilic) to anionic surfactants, can be determined by emulsification of Standard Oil to determine HLB value. HLB value 15~18 13~15 8~8 7~9 3.5~6 1.5~3 use solvent detergent oil/water emulsifier wetting agent water/oil emulsifier defoaming Agent HLB value can be used as a reference for surfactant selection.