Food additive does not mean illegal additions

- May 18, 2018-

The public talk about food additive color change, more reason is to confuse the concept of illegal additive and food additive, it is obviously unfair to fasten some illegal additions to the head of food additive. "The State Council on the severe crackdown on food illegal additions to strengthen the supervision of food additives," the requirement to standardize the production and use of food additives: the use of non-food substances to produce complex food additives, not to buy the logo non-standard, unknown sources of food additives, serious investigation of the scope,

Ultra-limited and other abuse of food additives, at the same time, the need for the end of 2011 to develop and publish the compound food additive general safety standards and food additives labeling standards. What needs to be severely combated is the illegal addition behavior in food, and it is urgent to standardize the production and use of food additive.

There are some problems with food additives, such as unknown sources, or improper materials, the most easily generated problem is abuse. Experts remind the public, food additives do not need to panic, with the relevant national standards will be introduced, food additives production and use will be more standardized. Of course, should strengthen self-protection consciousness, more understand food safety related knowledge, especially do not buy color too bright, taste too thick, taste abnormal food.