Application of Gemini Surfactant

- May 18, 2018-

1: The molecular structure determines the performance, but the performance decides its application scope. The unique structure of Gemini surfactant determines its unique performance, and its unique properties make it a special application. For example, in cosmetic crystals, a low CMC means that Gemini surfactants are less irritating to the skin than ordinary surfactants. This is because skin irritation originates from the ordinary active agent of the Micelle, the lower CMC value means less single surfactant (Monoric surfactant) in the solution.

The lower CMC value of Gemini surfactant indicates that it dissolves insoluble substances at lower concentrations than ordinary active agents, since dissolution occurs only when the solution concentration exceeds the CMC and dissolves the insoluble substance into the micelles. 2: Compared with the common active agent, the Gemini surfactant in the solution interface adsorption capacity is 100-1000 times larger. This means that Gemini surfactants are more efficient than common active agents. For example, the concentration of Gemini surfactants required to reduce the surface tension of the solution, foaming or forming emulsion and microemulsion is lower than that of the common active agent.