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Specializing initially in products originating in China, our main product line includes: VOC-exempt solvents, Paints and coatings, Adhesives, PU and resin, Agro and pharmaceuticals, food and feed additives, Water treatment and Oil field chemicals. We are committed to a cleaner environment as evidenced by our leadership in VOC-exempt solvents and follow all existing global regulations regarding transportation and labeling.

Hot Products

    • Dibasic Ester (DBE) CAS NO. 95481-62-2

      Dibasic Ester (DBE) CAS NO. 95481-62-2

      1. Product Introduction Dibasic Ester with REACH registered CAS NO. 95481-62-2 Molecular Formula: C21H36O12 VOC-Exempt solvent Dibasic Ester namely DBE, Dibasic Acid, is colorless transparent liquid and has super solubility. Used to oilfield drilling fluids and coil coatings. 2. Specification or...

    • N-Propyl Acetate (NPAC) CAS NO. 109-60-4

      N-Propyl Acetate (NPAC) CAS NO. 109-60-4

      1. Product Introduction N-Propyl Acetate (NPAC) CAS NO. 109-60-4 UN NO.: 1276 CLASS: 3 PACKING GROUP: II HS Code: 29153900.90 Molecular Formula: C5H10O2 N-Propyl Acetate (NPAC) synonyms Acetic acid propyl ester; Propyl ethanoate; is clear, colorless liquid with the characteristic odor of pears....